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Our Services

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At Central Coast Patent Agency (CCPA), we specialize in turning innovations into patents both in the US and around the world.

CCPA operates on a convenient flat fee system enabling our clients to accurately budget their IP expenses.  This process allows us to help start-up companies manage their IP quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Patent Application Preparation

  • Interviewing inventors as necessary to take and develop disclosures. Online disclosure submission is also available
  • Preparing and filing provisional applications
  • Preparing and filing non-provisional patent applications in United States Patent and Trademark Office, or in any other jurisdiction or part of the world of a client’s choosing
  • Preparing informal and formal drawings
  • Preparing claim sets
  • Preparing and filing additional divisional, continuation patent applications based on parent applications

Patent Application Prosecution

  • Analyzing actions, conferencing with examiners and preparing responses to actions
  • Reporting actions to our clients
  • Processing allowances to issue patents

Docketing and Reporting

  • Receiving and docketing examination actions in all cases
  • Docketing all cases, and maintaining the docket against all necessities
  • Preparing and providing status reports for clients as needed
  • All necessary activity to keep client’s IP in good standing in the US and other jurisdictions

Foreign Filing

  • Preparing and filing PCT International applications
  • Filing patent applications in the US from investors in foreign countries and from foreign patent firms
  • Filing foreign applications with our agents in jurisdictions foreign to the US, either directly or through entry from the PCT, at client’s need
  • Prosecuting Foreign applications in partnership with our Foreign agents

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