Blockchain News – The Last 24 Hours

Forrester Research posted that 90% of Blockchain initiatives by US companies will never become operational. Since 2016 their reports about blockchain have be hot and cold.

One of the world’s forth largest auditing firms, KPMG, says that US Blockchain investment thus far has already surpassed 2017. They see blockchain as moving beyond experimentation stage and drawing attention from investors.

The world’s fourth largest bank, ABC, is testing blockchain loans with land as collateral.
China is quickly adopting blockchain technology with the goal to deploy industry-wide standards sometime next year.

Australian government funds a blockchain project for sustainable sugar. The Distributed Ledger System provides a fast and secure database where all transactions are immutable and easy to audit. The outcome will ensure that the quality of sugar produced from the growers of sustainably-grown cane can be traced throughout the supply chain giving agents and customers confidence in what they are purchasing.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia ships almonds to Europe with Blockchain. They used Internet of Things (IoT) to track the temperature and humidity of the 17 tons of almonds within the container as it traveled from Melbourne to Hamburg Germany. A smart contract was used to execute the step-by-step handling of all physical operations, verification of documentation and the financial transaction.

Blockchain Patent Applications & Patents, July 31 2018
41 From 4 companies in China
93 IBM
44 Mastercard
49 BofA
34 Intel
34 Eitc Holdings Dr. Craig Wright UK London
39 nChain Holdings (was Eitc Holdings)
(source: Google Patents – blockchain keywords within titles and content)