Top 7 U.S. Cannabis Patent Holders

Several companies in Asia, GW Pharma, Zelda Therapeutics, ERS Holdings, Constance Therapeutics and Axim Bio-technologies are the top 7 Cannabis Patent Holders in the world.

In 1998 the first CBD patent was granted, but now there are 15,000 patents from around the world for cannabis innovation ranging from Hemp Seed and Cannabis Sativa, to Cannabis Extract and Cannabis Oil.

Creating a new variety or strain? Breeders must verify these four criteria for their creation to be patent worthy:

  1. Novelty – The strain must be totally new
  2. Distinctness – The strain must have unique characteristics
  3. Homogeneity – the Strain must be uniform
  4. Stability – The strain must remain true

The process of innovation can sprout great results from your connections to the cannabis industry, such as:

Chemistry, Scientific, Medical R&D, Food & Nutrients, Cosmetics, Skin & Hair, and Biomass.

Central Coast Patent Agency are writing and filing cannabis patent applications and have been granted many patents.

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