Why File a Foreign Patent Application While Your U.S. Patent is Pending?

While your U.S. patent is pending you should file in other countries so your foreign patent applications have a chance of being granted around the world. If you don’t file before being granted a patent, there is no chance. With a U.S. and Foreign patents your company has the ability to control the market. Licensing and partnering are also potentially lucrative options.  The intellectual value of your patent portfolio can increase the value of your company and attract investors.

After your U.S. patent has been granted and published into the public domain it will be considered prior art around the world and your invention will not be eligible for a foreign patent. Your U.S. patented technology will be free for anyone to use in other countries. Your innovation may compete against you and weaken the value of your company’s intellectual property.

Does The Gain of Filing Foreign Patent Applications Out Weigh the Loss?