Why is the Federal Circuit still not up to speed with technology?

While its fair to say that Judges in the Federal Circuit cannot be experts in all technologies, we might expect that they would have a basic understanding of things such as knowing the difference between a web page and a web server. See link below.

The disconnect between the technology in software and knowledgeable authorities in the USPTO also continues to be a problem for software patent applicants.

Thank goodness for Andrei Iancu who is now the director of the USPTO. He’s not only able to grasp an understanding of the technology in software, but is an advocate for software patent rights, as seen in his Berkheimer Memorandum issued last April.

Not all patent practitioners are well versed in software patent law, especially in the strategies necessary to overcome rejections by a patent examiner.

Source: http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2018/07/30/federal-circuit-rule-36-avoid-difficult-subject-matter/id=99202/