CCPA has eliminated much of the time and complexity in the patenting process

Intellectual Property isn’t only about ideas and assets—it’s also about people who understand the correlation between the two. Our team provides strategic counseling to help you survey the Intellectual Property landscape and identify your opportunities. We present you with specific options and a concrete plan for moving forward with confidence.

Over more than twenty-five years of solid experience preparing, filing and prosecuting thousands of patent applications and issuing over a thousand patents, CCPA has developed and thoroughly tested a model for preparing and prosecuting patent applications that eliminates much of the time and complexity typically associated with the process.

There is only one valuable result in the patenting process; that is issued patents with claims in a timely manner. All activities must contribute to this goal.

The answer is to eliminate all unnecessary tasks as much as possible

By eliminating unnecessary work and all “for show” props and processes and focusing on only those things that must be done to get patents issued, patents can be issued much faster resulting in more and better patents.

These things ARE necessary

  • Disclosures with a minimum of effort for the client
  • Complete professionally composed patent specifications, drawings and claim sets delivered to the client in a timely fashion
  • Communications from the USPTO answered quickly and competently
  • Interviews with examiners accomplished as needed
  • Reliable records kept and easily accessible
  • Status reports made regularly to client

These things are NOT necessary

  • Large and expensive offices
  • Impressive conference rooms and libraries
  • Overstaffed research and docketing departments
  • Charges for unnecessary correspondence, copies, phone calls, etc.
  • Meetings plotting strategy against unknown or unlikely events
  • Extensive patent searches where more money is spent searching than it costs to compose a patent application