The Patent Process

Different Types of US Patents

What is the Heart of Your Invention?

What Can & Cannot Be Patented in the U.S.A.

Patent Search at the USPTO

How to do a US Patent Search

How to Create Patent Drawings

Patent Drawing Examples That Help You Create the Best Patent Drawings

What are the Drawing Standards for US Patent Applications?

Creating Hand Drawings for a US Patent Application

How to Create Drawings for Patent Applications with Computer Programs

How to Create Patent Application Drawings with Corel Draw

Writing the Specification or Disclosure of a Patent Application

Creating the Title for Your US Patent Application

How to Write the Background Section of a Non-Provisional Patent Application

About Patent Application Descriptions of Drawings

Writing the Detailed Description for a Patent Application

The Anatomy of Writing Claims for a Patent Application

How to Write a Patent Application Claim

Don Boys Explains How to Write Claims for Patent Application

Writing the Abstract Section of a Patent Application

The Summary Section of a Patent Application

Have a Registered Patent Agent Review Your Patent Application

Patent Application Checklist Before Filing

Patent Application Filing Status as a Micro-Entity

3 Ways to File a Patent Application

Preparing Docs to File Your Patent Application

Don Boys Shows How to File a Patent Application

Current Patent Fees
Patent Application Filing, Patent Search, Patent Examination, and other fees.

Patent Organizations

Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
Professional and examining body for patent agents (also known as patent attorneys) in the UK.

Intellectual Property Owners Association
A trade association for owners of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

InventNet: The Inventors Network
The first web-based inventors’ organization.

Invent Now
A non-profit organization that creates a wide range of programs, places, content–including the National Inventors Hall of Fame–in order to celebrate and foster the practice of invention.

Patent and Trademark Society
A non-profit organization for patent practitioners and those working in the field of patent law.

National Association of Patent Practitioners
A society for patent and trademark professionals, and other interested individuals.

Cool Things
Cool New Awesome Inventions.

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Patents & Patent Law.

Inventing News & Topics.

Inventions 2018.

HuffPost Inventors

U.S. Inventor
Innovators, Inventors, Dreamers, and Builders.

Little Inventors
The central place for children to share their invention ideas with other children (and adults!) across the globe.

IBM Intellectual Property and Licensing
Being the company that has received the most US patents, IBM has dedicated pages for its portfolio of patents.