August 7, 2018

A LED Patent Ruled Invalid in District Court for Lack of Enabling Disclosure.

It’s possible to loose your patent rights if the disclosure is incomplete. Often a patent application is filed and then granted before the R&D is finished […]
August 6, 2018

20 Up and Coming Uses for Blockchain Technology

1. Payment Processing & Money Transfers Banks are removed from the equation, validation of transactions 24/7, settle transactions within seconds. 2. Monitoring Supply Chains Remove paper […]
August 3, 2018

What Makes a Powerful Patent Practitioner?

What makes a powerful Patent Practitioner your champion, is in part, defined by knowing what makes a Patent Examiner tick. The Patent Examiner The Patent Examiner […]
August 2, 2018

Blockchain patent application from consulting giant Accenture aims to revolutionize its logistics network.

At the core of this technology are methods of using testing devices and smart contracts to document each stage of a shipment from seller to buyer […]