The Team

CCPA is headed by a dynamic father-daughter duo with 45 years of combined experience in the patent field. We've helped clients and companies monetize their ideas, and together our clients have been awarded over 3,000 patents.


For the past 25 years, the Central Coast Patent Agency (CCPA) team has quickly and cost-effectively issued more than 1,000 patents for its clients. There is simply no substitute for legal experience, technical knowledge and accessibility.


Success Stories

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
Genesys, with headquarters in Daly City, California is the world leader in Call Center technology, and provides call center software and customer experience software to enterprises around the world. CCPA started with Genesys when just six patent applications were on file in 1996, and Genesys enjoyed small entity status with the US Patent Office.

Over the next 16 years CCPA has filed and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications on behalf of Genesys, resulting in more than 375 patents in the US and in other countries around the world. In the course of this synergistic association Genesys accomplished an Initial Public Offering, was acquired by Alcatel, headquartered in Paris, France, and Alcatel later (2006) merged with Lucent Technologies forming Alcatel-Lucent. Alcatel-Lucent in 2012 sold Genesys to London-based Permira, the private equity group.

The patents issued via CCPA were a large factor contributing the Cinderella success of Genesys. More to come! CCPA is currently prosecuting and filing hundreds more patent applications as Genesys goes back to its roots, ramping up the patent filings for 2012 and beyond.
Pluris, Inc. a startup founded in the mid 1990s to develop scalable Internet core routers. Pluris ceased operation in July of 2002. CCPA, Inc came up with an innovative plan to bring the large number of innovations contained in the few pending applications they had at the time, to fruition.

As of 2012 under CCPA guidance and prosecution there are more than eighty patents issued in the US, Europe and Japan, with valuable claims to router hardware and software. Assertion and monetization of this portfolio is expected to earn substantial rewards for the new owner.
YODLEE, a leader in personal financial data management was founded in 1999 by Dr. Venkat Rangan. YODLEE has expanded into business-to-business software.

CCPA was given free rein to develop a patent portfolio in the US and Europe. Yodlee now enjoys the fruits of nearly 50 patents issued by CCPA.
DataRam Corporation
DataRam, located in Princeton, NJ, develops and sells cutting edge solutions in digital storage. CCPA, Inc began working with DataRam in 2008 issuing 13 patents. Those patents have recently been monetized adding substantial revenue to the bottom line for DataRam. DataRam will continue to file patent applications through CCPA as they begin their second patent portfolio.
Elonex PLC
CCPA became outside counsel for Elonex Limited, a London-based manufacturer of PCs, in 1994 through association with Dan Kikinis and Oakleigh Systems. Dan and CCPA cooperated in preparing, filing and prosecuting about two hundred patent applications over a five year period. One of Dan Kikinis’ innovations involved power management for computer monitors. Several patents on this subject were issued in the US, Europe and Japan.

In 2001 Elonex reached agreement with a number of manufacturers of monitors, including Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Nokia, Philips, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp and Samsung. Payments and royalties have exceeded 100 million dollars. In 2001 Elonex reached agreement with SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS of Suwon City, Korea concerning the licensing of Elonex’s display power management technology. Power management systems allow personal computer display monitors to consume less power after user-defined or default idle periods.

Samsung obtains a license under all of Elonex’s display power management patents worldwide. These patents comprise more than twenty independent claims directed to the power management of peripheral devices including display monitors; and enable PC systems to be energy efficient.

Samsung is the largest Asian-based global monitor maker to date to license Elonex’s technology. Elonex has previously licensed Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Nokia, Philips, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp and others. Elonex is confident that other Korean and Asian companies will follow Samsung’s lead and license this technology.

In addition to monitor power management, other patents in the Elonex portfolio have been successfully asserted.

Founded in March 1986, Elonex plc supplies complete IT solutions to a customer base that ranges from private individuals to multinational corporations and government departments. The company designs, manufactures, markets and supports a complete range of desktop PCs, notebooks, and network servers. It also provides computer support services encompassing system specification, configuration, installation and maintenance.

In response to the demands of its customer base, Elonex has developed from a computer manufacturer to a complete business solutions provider. Under the title of Elonex Solutions (ES), the company provides a broad portfolio of offerings including IT Consultancy, Networking and Systems Integration, System & User Training, Internet, Intranet and Security, Outsourcing, Maintenance and Support, Thin Client Solutions, and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity.
Lextron Systems, Inc.
Lextron Systems is a technology company founded by Dan Kikinis, who is an inventor in many Elonex and Genesys cases. Dan, at the time of the Elonex project, was an official of Elonex, and the prime inventor in most of the cases in the Elonex portfolio. Dan, as President and CEO of Lextron, has maintained good relationships with Genesys and Elonex, and has independently launched a broad range of patentable technology. Dan, as a client with Elonex, was also instrumental in the initiation of the CCPA business model. Many of the technology areas at Lextron are now patented, including an important “Proxy Server” technology greatly improving ability to navigate and research the Internet, which is now widely used and licensed by many business enterprises.
  • Jason Caulkins, Chief Technologist
    Central Coast Patent Agency has worked with me on over 15 patents.  The portfolio has generated multi-million dollar returns for my company.  I would highly recommend them.
  • Don Varner, Manager
    We at One Pass LLC have used the services of CCPA Inc. for many years, and have found them to be very competent and efficient in prosecuting our inventions with the United States Patent Office. We have several very good patents issued. CCPA has handled all of our patent needs since I founded One Pass in 1996.
    Don Varner, Manager
    One Pass LLC.
  • Dmitry Goroshevsky, Founder
    CCPA always did an incredible job in our patent portfolio. Their deep understanding of technical aspects of patents, timely and quality advice and personal involvement in every aspect of the entire portfolio is what makes working with them a perfect experience. There are very few things I am certain about when starting a new project, the name of a patent agent is never a question.
  •  Paulo Altafer
    I am a big fan of CCPA and the entire staff.  They helped prepare and prosecute what ended up becoming a very challenging patent application with a first-time “by-the-book” patent examiner.  Our case had many obstacles and challenges and CCPA helped us immensely obtaining the patent within a very reasonable budget, utilizing expert resources when necessary.  The entire staff, led by Don Boys, made me feel relaxed through some tense moments, coached me through the difficulties and educated me on many aspects of patenting.  I literally couldn’t have done it without them!
  • Christopher Beck, VP for Software Design
    What sets CCPA apart from other firms is that they are idea collaborators as well as patent practitioners.  You don’t just throw a spec over the fence to them.  They help you expand your idea to its broadest potential.
    Christopher Beck, VP for Software Design
    Directra, Inc.
  •  Paul Mahler, CTO
    Central Coast Patent Agency, Inc. has done a remarkable job for us. They are fast and economical. Their work is outstanding.  We worked with several patent firms before we found Central Coast. Central Coast is incomparably better than anyone else we have worked with. We recommend Central Coast without reservation.
    Paul Mahler, CTO
    Voice Carrier
  • Ben B.
    I had a very technical invention and less than 6 weeks to file based on a provisional application deadline. CCPA took my engineering drawings, description and interviews and wrote a comprehension full utility and method application quickly and efficiently. The specification was complete and captured every aspect of my invention. As the owner of several patents and who lost his patent attorney to retirement I was impressed with the understanding and professionalism of Cynthia Lamon and Don Boys. Highly recommended.
    Ben B.
  • Rolin Gebelein
    Don Boys and his team at Central Coast Patent have fulfilled my Patenting needs successfully for over 25 years. I am an experienced Optical Engineer, and I am extremely pleased to have had our association both as an Individual Inventor, and as a Partner to various technical organizations. Over these years, Don and his team have always managed to deal with and solve whatever difficulties might arise in the course of creating, applying for, obtaining, and maintaining my Patents. This is no small achievement as many such difficulties do indeed appear, due mostly to circumstances that may be nearly impossible to foresee in the course of inventing and patenting any particular Invention. My experience with Don and his team has been the best, and I will certainly recommend Don and his Patent team to any serious Inventor.
    Rolin Gebelein
  • James K.
    Cynthia is very knowledgeable about patent law.
    James K.
  • Brandon G.
    Cynthia is truly just a kind, respectable person who is extremely professional. She actually had a conversation with me just person to person and that has not been my experience with people in similar professions. She will point you in the right direction even if that is not with her! I could not ask for a better first experience!
    Brandon G.
  • Michael H.
    Cynthia was my savior in the patent process. Highly recommended!
    Michael H.
  • Christopher L.
    Cynthia is a jewel in a sea of zirconia. She is incredibly knowledgeable and her experience in the patent field is priceless. She had managed to help save me a lot of money in a very short time. A true professional. I highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Cynthia.
    Christopher L.
  • Sarah L.
    I appreciate Cynthia's honesty and professionalism in reviewing my items for patent. Cynthia is knowledgeable about the patent process and industry very well from her years of hands on experience. There's a weight lifted off of my shoulders in knowing that I have an expert to guide me along the patent process and she's there to help protect my business' property. I look forward to our working relationship. Thank you Cynthia!
    Sarah L.
  • As a Principal Hardware Engineer for the #1 company in the world I work with outside IP counsel on a weekly basis. I've rarely been impressed with the ability that most patent attorneys, that I've worked with, display in being able to comprehend, breakdown and explain my inventions; let alone their poor responsiveness. Lamon and her team is one of those "diamond in the rough" organizations that is not only ultra- responsive and never allows information to fall through the cracks, but they dig deep to obtain a thorough understanding of your invention. Armed with this in-depth understanding, they proceed to decompose it quite elegantly, but most importantly, in such a fashion that really captures the scope and essence of your invention. Indoing so, your invention becomes clear, understandable and protection worthy if it ever comes to it. They're really good.
  • Elnora G.
    Working with Cynthia was a like a breath of Fresh air. Cause It's hard to find all the qualities in a business person like professionalism, very responsive and reasonable and most of all honest. I am going to refer her as well hire to be my patent attorney for life. Great Job Cynthia! 😊
    Elnora G.
  • David R.
    Cynthia was great to work with and brought the expertise to the project to get our patent filed in short order. We will be working wither her and her team again soon.
    David R.
  • Thomas G.
    Miss Cynthia Lamon has to be one the best in her field. She took my invention and brought it to life. Very resourceful and well educated. Cynthia hired an extra professional to help with finishing touches to make sure it's professional and done right. She not only wrote the patent, but also drew up images. Miss Lamon also is helping find licensing companies and much more. Great prices! I'm more than satisfied with Cynthia and will be using her for future ideas and inventions.. THANKS Cynthia!
    Thomas G.
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